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  • 1:01:09 The Black Raven (1943)

    The Black Raven (1943)

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    "The Black Raven" is about Amos Bradford who is the criminal owner of the Black Raven Inn. During a bad storm a nearby bridge is washed out and a couple of strange characters have to stay overnight at the Black Raven. The result is murder and mystery ...

  • 1:08:53 Dressed to Kill (1964)

    Dressed to Kill (1964)

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    Sherlock Holmes sets out to discover why a trio of murderous villains, including a dangerously attractive female, are desperate to obtain three unassuming and inexpensive little music boxes. If you like this movie and our channel, please subscribe:

  • 1:14:44 House On Haunted Hill (1959)

    House On Haunted Hill (1959)

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    Frederich Loren, the eccentric millionaire invites 5 of his enemies in a haunted house he has rented. The five guests are test pilot Lance Schroeder (Richard Long); newspaper columnist Ruth Bridges (Julie Mitchum); psychiatrist Dr. David Trent (Alan Marsh

  • 1:19:38 The Bat (1959)

    The Bat (1959)

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    A mysterious murderer as a man with no face called "The Bat" murders women at night by ripping out their throats with steel claws. Andy Anderson, the local chief of detectives gets involved after more break-ins and murders happen by "The Bat". If you like

  • 1:23:05 Carnival of Souls (1962)

    Carnival of Souls (1962)

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    Mary and two of her friends are challenged by some men to a drag race. The car is forced off a bridge. All three women seemed to be drowned until Mary suprisingly emerges from the river with no memory of her survival. Mary accepts a new job as a church or

  • 1:01:35 Behind Green Lights (1964)

    Behind Green Lights (1964)

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    Police lieutenant Sam Carson discovers a corpse with gunshots in a car left in front oft he police station. Janet is questions by Carson after her name was found in the dead's man book. And yes, Bard blackmailed her friend for $20,000. Carson is pressured

  • 1:10:43 Mr Moto's Last Warning (1939)

    Mr Moto's Last Warning (1939)

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    A Japanese man claiming to be Mr Moto, of the International Police, is abducted and murdered soon after disembarking from a ship at Port Said in Egypt. The real Mr Moto is already in Port Said, investigating a conspiracy against the British and French gov

  • 1:16:53 Woman on the Run (1950)

    Woman on the Run (1950)

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    As the film opens, a man, Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott), is walking his dog in the city at night. He witnesses a man in a car talking about a crime. The man then gets shot. But whoever shot that man then sees Frank and shoots at him. The shot misses, howev

  • 1:14:02 Der Menschenfresser von Kumaon (1948)

    Der Menschenfresser von Kumaon (1948)

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    Der Arzt Dr. John Collins glaubt, er sei ein schlechter Arzt und zieht sich aus seinem Beruf zurück. Bei einer Tigerjagd in Nordindien will er Zerstreuung finden, doch gleich der erste Tiger geht nicht drauf, sondern wird nur verletzt. Da dieser nun nicht

  • 1:08:33 Swamp Women (1956)

    Swamp Women (1956)

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    An undercover policewoman helps three female convicts escape from prison so that they can lead her to a stash of stolen diamonds hidden in a swamp. Subscribe for more classic films.

  • 59:29 SHERLOCK HOLMES Terror By Night (1946)

    SHERLOCK HOLMES Terror By Night (1946)

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    When the fabled Star of Rhodesia diamond is stolen on a London to Edinburgh train and the son of its owner is murdered, Sherlock Holmes must discover which of his suspicious fellow passengers is responsible.

  • 1:08:29 The Trap (1946)

    The Trap (1946)

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    When a troupe of showgirls with their impresario and press agent vacation at a Malibu Beach resort, two of them are garroted. Charlie takes on the case assisted by Number Two Son .... A treasury agent on the trail of counterfeit money confides to fellow o

  • 1:01:01 Dick Tracy (1945)

    Dick Tracy (1945)

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    The movie "Dick Tracy" (also known as "Dick Tracy, Detective") is a 1945 American pulp action film based on the Dick Tracy comic strip created by Chester Gould. The film is the first installment of the Dick Tracy film series. Dick Tracy (Morgan Conway), a

  • 1:09:19 The Rogues Tavern (1936)

    The Rogues Tavern (1936)

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    The Rogues Tavern is a 1936 American film directed by Robert F. Hill about a mad killer is on the loose in a hotel on a dark, gloomy night. --- Directed by Robert F. Hill, produced by Sam Katzman, written by Al Martin (original screenplay), starring Walla

  • 1:09:30 Shock (1946)

    Shock (1946)

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    The film tells the story of a psychiatrist, Dr. Cross (Vincent Price), who is treating a young woman, Janet Stewart (Anabel Shaw), who is in a coma-state, brought on when she heard loud arguing, went to her window and saw a man strike his wife with a cand

  • 1:08:50 The Thirteenth Guest (1932)

    The Thirteenth Guest (1932)

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    | "The Thirteenth Guest" (1932) is an American mystery film, released on August 9, 1932. The film is also known as "Lady Beware" in the United Kingdom. It was based on the 1929 novel by crime fiction writer Armitage Trail best known for writing "Scarface"