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2000 - 2009

  • 1:32:26 Popular Baggage


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    Starring: Cheryl Ladd & Barry Bostwick Pete Murphy’s life has changed since his separation from his wife, Sarah. He has a new fiancée, a new home in the tropics, and plans to start a new family. However, before any of this can happen, Pete must first fina

  • 1:29:13 Popular What Color Is Love?

    What Color Is Love?

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    Starring: Jennifer Finnigan, Doug Savant & Roger R. Cross Inspired by a true story, Playing For Keeps is a story of celebrity, betrayal, legal battles and a mother’s overwhelming love for her child. Nicole Alpern is a beautiful young sports grou

  • 1:26:37 Popular Destination: Infestation

    Destination: Infestation

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    Starring: Antonio Sabato Jr. & Jessalyn Gilsig Departing a Caribbean eco-paradise on their return flight to the U.S. the vacationers and honeymooners aboard don't realize that their real adventure is just beginning. Hidden on the ill-fated plane are a

  • 1:34:06 Popular Devil's Diary

    Devil's Diary

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    Starring: Alexz Johnson, Miriam McDonald & Deanna Casaluce When two friends, Dominique and Ursula, uncover an ancient book in a graveyard one night, they discover that the book has the supernatural power to grant any evil desire written within it. In

  • 1:30:09 Popular Toxic Skies (2008)

    Toxic Skies (2008)

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    AKA: "Toxic Skies" Starring: Anne Heche, James Tupper & Tobias Slezak A respected virologist and a mysterious renegade race to find a cure for the deadly virus that’s spreading across the country like wildfire in this thriller reuniting Men in T

  • 1:43:26 Popular Route 66: An American Bad Dream (2004)

    Route 66: An American Bad Dream (2004)

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    Three German provincials are searching for hollywood. So they take the most American values, they can picture: an absurdly vast car, full of fastfood, bottles of oil and camera equipment on the way to California via Route 66. That they never find Hollywoo

  • 51:36 Popular Die letzte Droge (2006)

    Die letzte Droge (2006)

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    »Die letzte Droge« ist die erste Spielfilmproduktion des Netlabels VEB FILM Leipzig. Die Dreharbeiten begannen 2003 in Bolivien und Peru und wurden 2005 in Deutschland fortgesetzt. Eine erste Schnittfassung wurde auf dem Fusion-Festival 2007 vorgestellt,