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  • 51:36 Texas Terror (1935)

    Texas Terror (1935)

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    Sheriff John Higgins quits and goes into prospecting after he thinks he has killed his best friend in shooting it out with robbers. He encounters his dead buddy's sister and helps her run her ranch. Then she finds out about his past.

  • 58:41 Rustlers' Hideout (1945)

    Rustlers' Hideout (1945)

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    Buster Crabbe rides to the rescue of the victims of some greedy rustlers who are plaguing the locals. In true cowboy hero fashion, he proceeds to clean up the range in no time at all. Lovable sidekick Fuzzy is up to his usual share of hilarious hi-jinks.

  • 54:03 The Dude Bandit (1933)

    The Dude Bandit (1933)

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    After Burton kills Dad Mason and makes it look like a suicide, Ace Cooper arrives to investigate. He poses as a coward during the day but at night he becomes the daring Dude Bandit. Al Burton, an unscrupulous money lender, not only endeavors to have his f

  • 54:47 The Feud Maker (1938)

    The Feud Maker (1938)

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    When Tex is brought in to fight in a range war between the cowmen and the nesters, he meets his old outlaw boss Lassiter. He learns Lassiter is behind the feud when Lassiter asks him to join up with his gang. Tex refuses and instead sets out to stop the f

  • 59:37 Western Cyclone (1943)

    Western Cyclone (1943)

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    Billy the Kid and Fuzzy Jones frame a holdup of the stagecoach Fuzzy is driving in order to impress upon Senator Peabody, riding in the coach, that something must be done by the state legislature to stop the lawlessness. Also in the coach are Governor Arn

  • 54:21 Gangsters of the Frontier (1944)

    Gangsters of the Frontier (1944)

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    Terror Sweeps the range as ruthless gangsters move in for the kill! Tex put the Kern gang away once but they have returned with reinforcements and have take over the town of Red Rock capturing the townsmen and forcing them to work for them in the gold min

  • 1:20:00 High Lonesome (1950)

    High Lonesome (1950)

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    When a sudden spurt of murders occurs in the Big Bend country, suspicion immediately falls on a young drifter who just moved to the area.

  • 52:29 Randy Rides Alone (1934)

    Randy Rides Alone (1934)

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    Jailed for murders he didn't commit, Randy escapes only to stumble into the den of the real murderers. Randy is jailed for murders he didn't commit. Knowing he is innocent, Sally Rogers breaks him out. Fleeing the Sheriff, he stumbles into the murderers h

  • 1:12:21 Under California Stars (1948)

    Under California Stars (1948)

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    Rancher Roy and his boys track down a gang who have stolen Trigger and are holding him for ransom. Roy has just finished his latest film and leaves for his ranch where he will be broadcasting a show celebrating his tenth year in movies. When Roy and Trigg

  • 1:20:18 King Solomon's Mines (1937)

    King Solomon's Mines (1937)

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    Kathy's (Anna Lee) father is intrigued by the stories Umbopa (Paul Robeson), a man they meet on their way to the South African coast, tells them about Solomon's diamond mines. So, he steals away in the night, leaving Kathy with a group of relative strange

  • 1:41:21 Jungle Book (1942)

    Jungle Book (1942)

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    A boy raised by wolves tries to adapt to human village life; tenuously based on Kipling's stories.

  • 1:36:07 Stagecoach (1939)

    Stagecoach (1939)

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    A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo and learn something about each other in the process. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "An American in Berlin? - Oliver Hardy ~ with Philip Hutchinson" ➨ -~-~

  • 1:22:47 Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

    Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

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    Sonny Chiba reprises his role as the deadly martial arts mercenary Takuma Tsurugi in this feature where he must once again battle against the Yakuza because of a deal gone wrong. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "An American in Berlin? - Oliver Hardy ~ with

  • 1:45:40 Jungle Book (1942)

    Jungle Book (1942)

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    A boy raised by wolves tries to adapt to human village life.

  • 1:01:35 Jungle Man (1941)

    Jungle Man (1941)

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    Donate for our restoration project of historic material: http://www.leetchi.com/c/pool-von-interpathe-16620838

  • 1:10:17 New Adventures of Tarzan (1941)

    New Adventures of Tarzan (1941)

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    The Green Goddess is a totem worshiped by the primitive natives of a lost city deep in the jungles of Guatemala. It contains both a fortune in jewels and an ancient formula for a super-explosive which could threaten world safety in the wrong hands. From A