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The Montana Kid (1931)

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A cowboy whose friend has been swindled out of his ranch and then murdered must take care of the man's son, then he goes after the killers.
Larson cheats Burke at cards, has him sign over the deed to his ranch disguised as an IOU, and then kills him in a supposedly fair gunfight. This sends Bill Denton into action and he robs Larson and his henchman Gabby until he has enough money to buy back the ranch. When Larson realizes he received his own money back, both Larson and his men and the Marshal go after Denton.
In this "B" western, Bill Cody plays a man named Denton that does what about all leading early western actors are known for, as he becomes the hero of the story by helping a youngster and thereby getting the girl at the end of all the activity.
It is a simple concept as the boy arrives by stagecoach in order to live with his father that has a nice ranch near town. Upon arriving, his father is shot by the villain, Larson, that then proceeds to take the ranch. Denton befriends the boy and vows to get the ranch back. And by some shadowy means, that will all be forgiving later, Denton begins his plan to give the boy back the ranch that his father wanted him to have.
As with most B class westerns, there is much suspicious acting going on throughout the film. At times the acting is so poor that it almost becomes comical. Bill Cody, that played in many of these types of shows, was as stiff as a board and looked like someone acting for the first time. I will give credit, as Andy Shuford, that played the boy, and Doris Hill, that played the sexy female part, did a nice job all around as they are the only ones that made the story bearable.
Made for Monogram, this is one of the better Cody westerns from the Thirties, B western action fans will still enjoy this one.

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